14s8p Red Ember Battery Molicel P42a

14s8p Red Ember Battery Molicel P42a

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This battery is configured to fit your Red Ember 44 or Red Ember Xapham Deck and Enclosure from Eboosted

Typical build time for this battery is 1 week. (If there are any changes to intended delivery date we will contact you)


Full Charge Voltage 58.8v

Nominal Voltage 51.8v

Fully Discharged Voltage 42v

Capacity 33.6AH, 1975.7wh at full charge 

Max Continuous Discharge 200A (recommended)

Max Recommended Charge current 16A

BMS: We use a smart battery management system that allows for easy battery monitoring and custom parameters.

For deck and enclosure recommendations please contact us at info@skyartpower.com