SKP 6385 Motor 151kv 173kv

SKP 6385 Motor 151kv 173kv

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Motor specs at 48v nominal or 13s li-ion voltage:

-Max Power 5054w

-Still Torque 6.34nm

-Max recommended Current 105Amp

-Max continuous Current 78Amps

Other motor Characteristics:

-N38EH Magnets - high magnetic output magnets rated for up to 180c operating temperature


-8mm keyed motor shaft

-40mm shaft length

-Compatible with most Esk8 motor mounts and drivetrains.

The above ratings are provided by the manufacturer. These motors have been tested in-house for voltages up to 18s or 67v nominal. As well as current level of 110amps continuous. They perform well at these levels and is one of the reasons that this particular motor is our absolute favorite for esk8.

 Specs for 151kv coming 5/10/2022