The Juice Box

The Juice Box

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Skyart Power Systems in cooperation with 3Dservisas is bringing you "The Juice Box"

This is a compact top mount battery that can be used on just about any deck, it can be used as the primary source of power, or as a range extender. To use a battery as a range extender there are a few step that need to be followed and if you are interested in doing that make sure to contact us for more details.

Here are your possible configurations.






Typical lead time for this battery is 4 weeks

Other custom configurations are available as-well, if you have one in mind please contact us at

The Juice Box weighs 13.7lbs and is 7.8"x7.7"x3.5" it consists of an anodized aluminum top and bottom plates and one whole plastic body. The construction is very durable and it will endure years of abuse.

The cells used in The Juice Box are Molicel p42a and a smart BMS is standard with this battery.

Mounting hardware is included. 

If you have any other question please contact us at